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Israel pays students to post favorable comments online.

There's a few ways of spotting the paid comment makers. One is they generally go for ad homenum attacks. This one is an antisemite, that one is an enemy of Israel, this one is not qualified to speak. I also find it amusing that Noam Chomsky is considered not qualified to speak because his PhD is in linguistics but Alan Dershowitz, a trial attorney, is even though Chomsky is just brimming with relevant facts and Dershowitz is so clearly a manipulator. They are not too educated these commenters.

 Also, they also never respond to educated responses because they have no response and possibly they are instructed not to respond so as not to help promote educated thought on the topic.


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R. Mendel Kasher, who I find is the source of almost all the classic Zionist distortions. He was the one who made up the story of those Gedolim signing a paper was the Medinah is the aschalta degeulah, and he was the one who doctored the story of the meeting of the Moetzes Chachmei HaTorah in 1937 where he left out the poiastion of people like Rav Ahron Kotler. He wrote a book called HaTekufah heGedolah which is absolutely full of misquotes, fabrications and distortions. His deception has already been exposed and well known to those who have researched this topic. R. Zvi Weinman documented extensively the forgeries of R. Kasher - and he even challenged him in public to respond to his findings when R. Kasher was alive - in his excellent work "Mikatowitz ad 5 B'Iyar." Of course, R. Kasher did not produce any response to the evidence against him. More of R. Kasher's falsifications are exposed in the sefer "Das HaTziyonus", especially his now famous fra

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